ERIN KINGSLEY is the younger daughter of Dr. Madame and she was raised as a student in the school since her toddler years. Miss Erin trained, performed and taught in dance forms ranging from classical Ballet to Jazz & Tap. She was a member of the Sprague Olyannes dance team and a captain her senior year. Miss Erin earned her honors BS degree from Oregon State University in 2000 as a Speech Communications major. She served as an officer in the US Air Force, including overseas duty in operation Enduring Freedom. Miss Erin has four sons. Her oldest son, 16 yr old Milo, has performed in our Elsinore Theater production since 2007. His brother Doc Paul joined him starting in 2009. Son Brody began dancing in 2011 and youngest son, Silas, age 8 yrs, dances to a different tune :). All are growing up as dancers at Discovery School, just like their mom. Miss Erin's interests include developing young children's cognitive skills and muscle coordination through the art and science of dance and she particularly is excited to welcome boys into her classes. Miss Erin's classes are a good mix of high energy and calming structure. Miss Erin is the primary Irish Dance teacher and she loves this unique and entertaining form of dance. She also is a skilled ballet teacher and has enjoyed watching her students grow in their classical technique.
SARAH BALES is a 10-year student at Discovery School training in Classical Ballet and Irish Dance.  Sarah begain assisting in dance classes in the fall of 2017 and she joined the teaching faculty as a full teacher in 2018.  Sarah completed her high school requirements early which allowed her to begin attending classes at Corban College in the fall or 2019.  Her studies at Corbin included classes in Ballroom dance which have added to her movement vocabulary.  Sarah has a strong technical foundation in the many movements & gestures that define classical ballet.  This training has enabled her to become a skilled ballet "technician" with attention to detail and precision in her dancing. Sarah also excels in Irish Dance forms with the speed and agility it takes to master the difficult jumps and leaps that are such a pleasure to watch in Irish dancing. Sarah loves teaching and working with children and she first knew this when she began helping in her church Sunday School where her father is the Pastor. Sarah is sweet, gentle and dedicated to passing on her love of dance to her students. 
LYNN SUNDERMIER "Dr. Madame", has BA degrees in Speech Pathology & in Theater Arts, and MS and Ph.D. degrees in neuromotor control. She also is certified as an EMT. Lynn is the Oregon State representative for the Classical Dance Alliance, a group whose mission is to improve dance training nationally. Lynn specializes in balance for stance & gait across the life span, and she taught graduate classes at U of O. She has several articles published in respected scientific journals, and Lynn's research has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. Lynn also has published papers on the neuromotor and biomechanical aspects of dance movement & training. As a young adult, Lynn danced professionally on both east & west coasts. But now, her greatest joy is challenging her students, to learn & grow as dancer-athletes & performers.