Welcome Dancers!

Come dance with us!



Classes as usual on Monday, Feb 17th



Unfortunately, all of our classes are full and closed

for the balance of this school year. 

We hope you will join us in the future!



All of our studets are preparing for spring

performances at the Elsinore Theater

on May 17th.



schedule to be posted in late April.

In our camps, children attend for an

hour each day for one week.

Several week-long camps are offered:

Ballet Princess Dance Camp

Irish Dance Beginnings Camp

Jazz/Hip-Hop Dance Camp


Contact us at

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Our dance studio offers classical ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop,

Irish dance & a variety of pre-school dance & movement classes

for toddlers 2 1/2 & up to adults.



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To schedule a private dance lesson (ballet,

jazz, lyrical or Irish dance), e-mail

from the "contact us" page at left.


We are a "non-competitive" school.

Each child's personal "best effort" is valued equally.

We encourage students to excel, but we do not grade

them on their varying levels of ability.

All of our students are "golden".


 To see what we're about, view our photo gallery.

 All images are of Discovery School students.


Email your questions from the

"Contact us" page. Or, call 503 371 9474.


For the convenience of our enrolled students,

 we have dance clothing & shoes in stock now!



Happy Dancing!!!



▪ To teach through encouragement, example & reasonable expectation.
▪ To provide a genuine challenge, but to avoid creating frustration.
▪ To encourage class camaraderie & non-competitiveness.
▪ To present dance as an activity accessible to all, not just an elite few.
▪ To develop a personal relationship, a friendship, with each student.